Evangelist Chapter of Rose Croix

Mark H. Polansky, Sr., 32° KCCH
Wise Master

Mark Polansky, 32° KCCHBrother Polansky was born in New York, and is retired from the Department of Defense with 37 years of Federal service, 11 of which were as an active duty U.S. Air Force officer. Mark is a licensed private detective in Maryland; and he resides near Annapolis. He is married; has one son and two grandchildren.

He was raised as a Master Mason in the fall of 1978 in Delta Lodge No. 128, Great Falls, Montana, and is a Past Senior Warden of Sagamihara Lodge No. 13 at Camp Zama, Japan, a Past Master of Centennial Lodge No. 174 A.F. & A.M. in Upper Marlboro, MD, and currently serves as the Junior Warden of Freedom Military Lodge No. 1775 F.A.A.M. in the District of Columbia.

Brother Mark received the degrees of the Scottish Rite in the Valley of Great Falls in 1978, and since becoming a member of the Valley of Washington, he has been active in Reunion degree work, and the Knights of St Andrew. Brother Polansky is currently co-Chairman of the Americanism Committee at the DC Scottish Rite, and in September 2015, was invested as a Knight Commander Court of Honour.

In the York Rite, Brother Polansky is a life member of Tokyo Chapter No. 1 R.A.M, Tokyo Council No.1 R. & S.M., and Tokyo Commandery No. 1 K.T. His other Masonic activities include the Shrine at Almas Temple, National Sojourners, the Grotto, Order of the Eastern Star, and several AMD bodies.

Council of Rose Croix confers degrees 15º to 18º.

2016 Evangelist Chapter Officers
Senior Warden Ill. Fred Evans, 33°
Junior Warden Peter W. Brusoe, 32° KCCH
Orator Walter Benesch, 32° KCCH
Master of Ceremonies Ill. Alwyn B. Taylor, 33°
Expert Andrea Vainqueur, 32°
Standard Bearer Christopher A. Tessone, 32°
Guardian of the Temple Luis G. Cisneros, 32° KCCH
Trustee Ill. William E. Bridegum, 33°
Living Past Wise Masters
Ill. M. Russell Stogsdill, 33° 1975
Ill. Charles S. Iversen, 33° 1979
Ill. William B. Craig, 33° 1983
Ill. Robert F. Drechsler, 33° GC 1985
Ill. F. William Hershiser, 33° 1988
Ill. Bilal M. Raschid, 33° 1996
Ill. Benjamin H. Lim, 33° 1997
Ill. William E. Bridegum, 33° 1998
Paul T. Sumler, 32° KCCH 2001
Ill. Grant R. Berning, 33° 2002
Ill. Akram R. Elias, 33° 2003
Ill. Franklin A. Gayoso, 33° 2004
Ill. William G. L. Turner, 33° 2005
Ill. Gordon Lee Ferguson, 33° 2006
Ill. Paul D. Gleason, 33° 2007
Ill. Geoffrey C. Morell, 33° 2008
Messanvi R. Adjogah, 32° KCCH 2011
Luke Young, 32° KCCH 2012
Marcel J. Desroches, Jr., 32° KCCH 2013
Kevin Fries, 32° KCCH 2014
Alexander Basilia, 32° KCCH 2015