Robert de Bruce Council of Kadosh

Ill. Bernard J. Michels, 33°

Bernard MichelsBrother Michels, was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and resides in the Columbia, MD area with his wife Rita and his 2016 college graduate twins, daughter Susan, and son (Brother) Zachary. He holds an executive position within the Health and Civilian Division of General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT). When not engaged in Masonic affairs, he works with DC area youth as an executive, coach, and volunteer for Maryland Student Hockey League, Atholton High School Ice Hockey, and USA Hockey.

Brother Michels is member of Hiram-Takoma Lodge No. 10, was its Worshipful Master in 2012, has been serving as the Lodge’s Secretary since 2013, and in 2014, was also elected to be a Trustee. He was the President of the Masters and Wardens Association in 2012, and is the Lodge recipient of the 2015 Masters and Wardens Association “Brother of the Year” Award.

Brother Michels joined the Scottish Rite with the Spring 2007 Reunion, served several years in the Knights of St. Andrew, and was elected Chieftain in 2011. He chaired the Americanism Committee between 2010 and 2015 and the Golf Committee Chairman for the past 3 years. In 2011, Brother Michels was invested as a Knight Commander of the Court of Honour; and in 2015, was coroneted as Inspector General Honorary 33°.

His other Masonic interests include Mt. Pleasant Chapter No. 13, Royal Arch Masons, where he was High Priest in 2013, and received the Grand Chapter’s Meritorious Companion Award (2014) for his leadership, dedication, and faithful service to the Order. Ill. Brother Michels is a Past Patron of Takoma Chapter No. 12 of the Order of the Eastern Star, a Noble in the Almas Shrine, and a member of the Red Cross of Constantine.

Robert de Bruce Council of Kadosh confers degrees 19º to 30º. 


2016 Robert de Bruce Council of Kadosh Officers
1st Lt. Commander Uzo E. Chukwu, 32° KCCH
2nd Lt. Commander Robb C. Mitchell, 32° KCCH
Chancellor Victor E. Sack, 32° KCCH
Orator Weldon J. Campbell, Jr., 32°
Master of Ceremonies Charles A. Phillips, 32° KCCH
Turcopolier Nicholas A. Robischon, 32°
Lieutenant of the Guard John P. Bowler, 32°
Trustee Ill. Mansour Hatefi, 33°
Living Past Commanders
Ill. Frank G. Holtman, 33° 1982
Ill. William C. Miskovic, 33° 1984
Ill. Donald L. Mallorey, 33° 1990
Ill. Urban T. Peters, 33° 1992
Michael E. Greene, 32° KCCH 1994
Ill. Lawrence J. Chisholm, 33° 1997
Ill. Ralph F. Connolly, 33° 1998
Ill. Kerry P. Collins, 33° 1999
Ill. David W. Finn, 33° 2002
H. Austin Esfandiary, 32° KCCH 2003
Ill. Albert McNair Smith, 33° 2004
Ill. Royce A. Watson, 33° 2006
Ill. Walter F. Simon, 33° 2008
Ill. Armen Simonian, 33° 2009
Ill. Joel R. Kahn, 33° 2010
Ill. Burton S. Levy, 33° 2011
Ill. Solomon S. Jackson, 33° 2012
Ill. Carroll J. Collins, 33° 2013
Ill. Marcus A. Trelaine, 33° 2014
Eloi P. Kpamegan, 32° KCCH 2015