Americanism Committee

Fred Evans

Robb C. Mitchell, 32° KCCH


Mark Polansky

Mark Polansky, 32° KCCH

Assistant Chairman

The Americanism Committee serves to educate and excite the patriotism that exists in all of us. Honoring our historic past, our Flag, and our Country by taking pride in America is our paramount objective. For the youth of America and our community, we work diligently to cultivate the ethic of learning, civic duty, leadership, and patriotism. Each year, we recognize the youth of our local high schools and universities with awards to encourage their continued success and stimulate others to achieve their fullest capacity.


  • David Andrukitis, 32° KCCH
  • Weldon J. Campbell, Jr., 32°
  • Douglas N. Cohen, 32° KCCH
  • Dimitry Minin, 32°

Education / Scholarship Committee

Fred Evans

Fred Evans, 33°


Michael Goddard

A. Michael Goddard, 32°


Scholarships Are Available

Scholarships are for area residents who study at the undergraduate or graduate school level in any location. The grant of any scholarship funds is dependent upon many conditions, among which are the following: availability of funds, number of applicants, financial need of applicant, scholastic standing and ability of applicant, purpose and use of funds requested, comparison of criteria when related to other applicants and many other considerations. A total of about $40,000 per year is awarded annually to approximately 20 students.


  • Richard J. Bautista, 32° KCCH
  • Joseph V. Boykin III, 32°
  • Matthew Matyjek, 32°
  • Timothy M. Miller, 32°
  • Christopher A. Tessone, 32°
  • Ill. Jesse Villarreal, 33°
  • Benjamin Whelan-Morin, 32°