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Knights of Saint Andrew

Dmitriy Minin, 32° Chieftain

The Knights of Saint Andrew (KSA) is an internal service and support organization especially developed for newly illuminated 32° members, creating many diverse opportunities to become a leader and an active participant, while learning the inner-workings of the Valley of Washington.

Knights provide many different services to the Valley, including Color Guard, as well as assisting with the Valley’s educational, ritualistic, social, fund-raising, and traditional programs.

While enhancing a Mason’s moral character and positive work-ethic, the KSA continues to promote the Scottish Rite within Freemasonry. The Knights welcome new Squires throughout the year and are encouraged to contact the Chieftain or any member with a KSA tartan for more information.

Community Service Award Nominations

The Knights of St. Andrew Community Service Award was established to recognize five extraordinary volunteers for their exemplary service to the Washington DC area.

These individuals, of all ages and backgrounds, help meet needs through the wide array of charitable organizations throughout their community. These mentors give gallantly of their time to non-profit programs supporting the Arts & Humanities, Economic Opportunity, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Futures, and Veterans and Military families.

If you know of an individual who consistently gives of themselves to help improve the lives of others through your charitable organization, please click here and complete the nomination form.

2017 DC KSA Officers
Prior Dmitriy O. Minin, 32°
Marshal Larry A. Villegas-Perez, 32° KCCH
Standard Bearer Andrea T. Tia, 32°
Secretary Richard F. Drosin, 32°
Assistant Secretary Zak Alzaim, 32°
Color Guard Commander Shannon L. Scott, 32°
Quartermaster Michael J. Erickson, 32°
Chaplain Timothy K. Houston, 32° KCCH
Almoner Wuilder Aguero, 32°
Deputy Color Guard Commander James Frederique, 32°
Assistant Quartermaster Sergio Aleman-Soto, 32°
Assistant Chaplain Youssouf M. Diallo, 32°
Recruitment Team Oscar H. Viera, 32°
Recruitment Team Earl N. Dale, 32°

Upcoming Events

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