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Membership in the DCSR entitles you to participate in our weekly Tuesday meetings where you can enjoy fellowship, a meal, and an interesting program on a variety of subjects that relate to Freemasonry and/or the Scottish Rite. You are also welcome to participate in the educational opportunities that are conducted on meeting nights before the formal program. These are the College of Philosophy where an in-depth study of the ancient philosophical basis for each of the Scottish Rite degrees is conducted; and the College of History, which is a study-group for the Master Craftsman Program, a regimented, multi-disciplinary course issued by the Supreme Council on the development of and meaning behind the degrees.

At the DCSR Valley of Washington, we provide a venue for Scottish Rite Masons to enjoy fellowship among men and Brothers with common ideals, to learn and to teach, and to develop a deeper understanding of Masonic philosophy, and what it means to be a good man and a good citizen.


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Membership Chairman: Marlon Curtis, 33° at
Member Services Director: Walter Hoenes, 33° at



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$395 Special Initiation Fee – Active Duty Military, $495 Special Initiation Fee – Regular Membership