Rite Care – Scottish Rite Masons Helping Children Communicate

Tommie L. Robinson, Jr., Ph.D, Director

The Scottish Rite Center for Communication Disorders opened its doors in 1989 when it was dedicated by then first lady Barbara Bush whose theme was “Unlocking the Mind.” The Scottish Rite Center is operated by the Division of Hearing and Speech at Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C. Currently, there is a director, 7 speech-language pathologists and three support personnel. In addition there are shared audiologists who provide services at Sheikh Zayed Campus of Children’s National and the Scottish Rite Center.

The goal of the Scottish Rite Center is the earliest identification and treatment of a child’s communication disorder. Children and their families served by the Center reflect the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.


Services Offered:

  • Speech-language evaluation and therapy
  • Bilingual (Spanish) speech-language evaluation and therapy
  • Speech fluency evaluation and treatment for stuttering
  • Early intervention for preschool children
  • Voice evaluation and therapy
  • Special summer programs
  • Literacy and language experiences


Bilingual Services

Evaluation and therapy in Spanish is offered by highly qualified speech-language pathologists and audiologist using evidence based diagnostic and treatment methods. In cases where the language is not spoken by the clinician, a certified interpreter is used.

A Program for Children who Stutter

The Center has a long standing history of meeting the needs of individuals who stutter. All patients are seen by or are under the supervision of a board certified specialist in fluency disorders (The American Board of Fluency). Individual and group therapy services are available.

Audiology Services

The Center offers full scale audiology services including cochlear implant programming and mapping. The audiology program is managed by the audiology section in the Division of Hearing and Speech at Children’s National.

Public Schools Program

Since 1999, the Scottish Rite Center has provided high quality services in the District of Columbia Public Schools. This has become an example of a community partnership that reflects how organizations can work together to better the lives of children, adolescents and their families in the District of Columbia.

Contact Information

The Scottish Rite Center is a part of the Division of Hearing and Speech at Children National Health System and provides speech-language diagnostic and therapy services and audiology services to children, adolescents and their families up to 21 years of age. Appointments may be made by the referring physician or parent at 202-745-2000. Questions should be directed to Scottishritecenter@childrensnational.org.

Scottish Rite Center for Communication Disorders (SRCCD)

The Center for Childhood Language Disorders is the principal charity of the District of Columbia Scottish Rite; and, indeed, that of the entire Southern Jurisdiction of the national body of the organization.

For more than thirty years, the Center was co-located with the DC Scottish Rite Temple at the Sixteenth Street property, but has now transferred their services to their new facility in Takoma Park.

However, this location change does not negate our commitment to financial support, nor our need to solicit funds to sustain that obligation.
So, if you choose to direct your donation to this specific charitable endeavor, you can be assured that it will go for that purpose.