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Mithras Lodge of Perfection

Morgan P. Corr, 32° KCCH
Morgan P. Corr, 32° KCCHVenerable Master

Morgan P. Corr, 32° KCCH, was born and raised in the “Emerald City”, the “City of Champions”: Pittsburgh, PA. Though he has proudly called Washington, DC home for the last 13 years, once a Steelers fan, always a Steelers fan.

He was Raised in Federal Lodge No. 1 in 2009, where he served as Master in 2016. A Charter Member of The Colonial Lodge No. 1821, he served as Master there in 2013, followed by several years as Secretary. In 2015 he led the DC Masters & Wardens Association as its President, overseeing a reorganization of the group and the reconstitution of its lodge awards program. He has served in various offices and committees of the Grand Lodge, now serving in the elected Grand Lodge line as Junior Grand Steward.

Morgan both lives and works here in the city of Washington, and is a resident of the Columbia Heights neighborhood. In 2013, in response to a petition of his neighbors, Morgan was appointed by the Mayor to a seat on the Columbia Heights Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). The Commission is the most local level of government in the District, and is responsible for addressing neighborhood concerns and recommending policy on a range of matters related to public funding, transportation, energy, business, and more.

Professionally, he runs Membership Services for a national association focused on disability policy advocacy. He previously worked for the Supreme Council of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, as the Manager of Social Media.

Morgan is a proud alumnus of The George Washington University, having graduated with a degree in Political Science. He now serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the GW Alumni Association. While at GW he was initiated into the historic Epsilon Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He is currently in his second term as President of the Epsilon Housing Trust, which is a non-profit organization run by alumni for the benefit of the active students who are members of the Chapter.

Morgan has been a member of the Valley of Washington since 2010, and was invested as a Knight Commander Court of Honor in 2015. He is particularly proud of the very active nature of this Valley, its diversity, and that it is a central “home” for brothers from every lodge in this jurisdiction and many sister lodges in Maryland and Virginia.

2016 Mithras Lodge Officers

Senior Warden Kenneth D. Fuller, 32° KCCH
Junior Warden George E. Perez, 32°
Orator Jean-Paul Dongmo, 32°
Master of Ceremonies Joshua A. Poole, 32°
Expert Darren N. Moore, 32°
Assistant Expert Jacob M. Bressman, 32°
Captain of the Host David J. Filer, 32°
Trustee Ill. Jeffrey Y. Schilling, 33°

Living Past Venerable Masters

Ill. Donald L. Mallorey, 33° 1972
Ill. Robert F. Drechsler, 33° GC 1977
Ill. Charles S. Iversen, 33° 1985
Ill. Theodore V. Villapando, 33° 1989
Ill. Harry B. Newman, III, 33° 1993
Ill. Gordon O. Moe, 33° 1995
Ill. George R. Adams, 33° GC 1998
Ill. Jules S. Tepper, 33° 1999
Ill. Jerold J. Samet, 33° 2000
Ill. Harold Grainger, 33° 2002
Ill. Donald M. Holliday, Sr., 33° 2003
Ill. Kwame M. Acquaah, 33° 2005
Ill. Dalton A. West, 33° 2006
Ill. William T. Rule II, 33° 2007
Ill. Teko A. Foly, 33° 2008
Alexander A. Olbrich, 32° KCCH 2009
Ill. Gilbert Stepanian, 33° 2010
Ill. Peter D. Galitzin, 33° 2011
Ill. Marshall N. Willner, 33° 2012
Ill. James T. Feezell, 33° 2013
David M. Huertas, 32° KCCH 2014
Marlon K. Curtis, 32° KCCH 2015
Douglas N. Cohen, 32° KCCH 2016

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